You talkin' to me? Google Duplex tech takes A.I. chatbots to the next level

Most of us know when we’re talking to a robot or a robotic voice on the phone. But what if your in-home digital assistant could make some calls for you and the person on the other end of the line had no idea they were talking to Alexa, or Siri, or Google Assistant? One of the demos shown at Google’s I/O conference yesterday was pretty stunning. Called Google Duplex, it’s basically a natural-voice type of interaction system for your Google Assistant, wherein your homebot makes call for you to schedule an appointment or do other tasks.

C/NET’s Andrew Gebhart gave it a go and seeing how the system uses very human-like pauses such as “um” and so on, it’s almost impossible to tell that a machine is one of the parties talking. Which one is the robot? Watch the whole video for the answer. It’s clearly a big step forward for A.I. tech that directly interacts with humans. Duplex is not available yet, but at some point it will be, and it’s a pretty good look at the future capabilities of our new homebot friends. Check out the amazing full video along with our complete coverage of Google’s I/O event.

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