India moves toward Minority Report-style crime prediction with A.I. tech

You’re probably familiar with the idea of fighting crime before actual crimes take place, using “predictive analysis.” It was the central idea behind the sci-fi hit Minority Report, which was based on a story by Philip K Dick. But could it really happen, sans human psychics submerged in bubble-free Jacuzzis? India is about to find out.

An A.I. and security company called Cortica has teamed up with another firm in India to analyze data from closed circuit TV cameras, facial recognition systems and license plate readers to help map out where crimes may take place. And they’re going beyond that as well, by using behavioral analysis to predict if someone is about to do something illegal. And really, even that is just the tip of the predictive iceberg, as you’ll find out in our in-depth look at all the tech – even bio tech – being used in the project. And it’s not just India that has an eye on using this technology. Read the story:

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