Facebook's Zuckerberg is on DC's hot seat; is it time for data and privacy laws?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington D.C. today and tomorrow for what should be some interesting, tense and apologetic moments before members of Congress. We all know why he’s there: There’s been no escaping the ongoing – and enlarging – Cambridge Analytica scandal, and before that, there was the concerted effort by foreign powers to sway voters via Facebook in the last US presidential election – and perhaps in other political contests elsewhere.

But what it really comes down to is this: Your data. Yes, all the information about you, that you gave to Facebook, both when you signed up, and over time as you used the social network. Not long ago, Facebook seemed like simple fun, and if you were into tech stuff and were targeted with ads for, say, tech stuff, was that such a bad thing? But it turns out ad targeting was the least of what was going on. Your data, clearly, was for sale.

Now, there’s a growing movement behind a simple solution: Creating “opt-in only” rules – maybe even laws - for personal data protections. If Facebook – or any business – wants to collect and sell your data, you should have the option to just say NO. And if you opt in, it should be your call and a clear one at that, not an automatically marked check box buried somewhere in a legal dictionary of a EULA. That’s the opinion of DT’s Editor in Chief, Jeremy Kaplan, and you can read more about his thoughts on the whole Facebook debacle at the link, and as always, we welcome your comments on the matter.https://www.digitaltrends.com/opinion/facebook-congress-privacy-laws/

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