Samsung is riding high with S9 Plus superphone and new QLED TV lineup

We’ve finally gotten our hands on it: The new Galaxy S9 Plus, the XL version of the latest halo smartphone from Samsung. While it's not a revolutionary phone, it certainly is a strong example of the never-ending evolution of the pocket computers we all carry now. DT Mobile Tech editor Julian Chokkattu put the new premium handset to the test - and came away impressed.

While it’s basically a rectangle like every other smartphone, it’s a very pretty rectangle packed full of performance, especially when it comes to the screen, camera and, surprisingly, sound. The top camera and sensor array on the front is more subtle, the 2960 by 1440 AMOLED screen is very sharp and colorful, and the redesigned dual-camera array on the back has impressive low-light performance, let alone what can do in regular light – including a super slo-mo mode.

Inside, the bigger S9 Plus is packing 6 gigs of RAM to back up the new Snapdragon 845 CPU, which even outpaces the iPhone 10’s processor. There’s lots to see and learn about the S9 and S9 Plus, so check out Julian’s full review and video:

The way TV makers are battling it out these days, you’d think the holidays are right around the corner. (Put away that calendar – it’s still March.) But anyway, we just got through checking out Samsung’s new lineup of 4K flat panels, and suffice to say it’s game on with Samsung’s “QLED” technology against LG’s – and Sony’s – OLED tech. LED/LCD TVs have always been at a disadvantage against true OLED screens because they use a backlight system.

But Samsung has tweaked their QLED tech to make those problems go away, or at least be minimized, and the result is amazing picture quality: deep blacks and bright highlights without the “halo” problems that can sometimes show up. Furthermore, Samsung has gone to great lengths to make the TVs more “invisible” when off, including a sort of picture frame mode that blends into where the TV is placed. Pretty slick. Check out our in-depth first look.

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