Samsung Galaxy S9, Tap Keyboard and weird musical instruments

We’ve got more Samsung Galaxy S9 than you can handle on Circuit Breaker Live. We’ll have both the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus on the show, and we’ll be taking your questions in the chat. Dami Lee is going to show us some musical calculators and Paul Miller is going to try and teach Nilay how to use a Tap Keyboard. We'll also have another Ask Circuit Breaker segment where we'll answer your questions. Oh.. Paul made another video in the office and it’s… something.

4:00 - Samsung Galaxy S9 - Dan
4:19 Ask Circuit Breaker - Ashley and Jake
4:25 (Paul Office Video - Package)
4:29 Weird instruments (including musical calculators and the Venova)- Dami
4:43 Paul is going to teach Nilay how to use a Tap Keyboard
4:53 Final GS9 Q&A with Dan returning


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