Between the Streams podcast: Jon Favreau lands a Star Wars gig, Netflix in talks with the Obamas

The big news of the day -- and the week, really -- is Disney's decision to tap Mr. Jon Favreau, the man who helped create the mold for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to take the helm the company's much-anticipated new Star Wars TV series. The live-action series is a major keystone for Disney's new streaming service, and is aimed at pulling in subscribers in the same way that Star Trek: Discovery did for CBS' All Access streaming service. As such, it makes sense that Disney would go all out for a big Hollywood name, and Favreau's recent successes with Disney's recent Jungle Book film, alongside his efforts in the Iron Man franchise, make him an obvious choice. We'll start today's show talking about the new move, and what it will mean for the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.

And that's really just a tiny portion of today's big news. Obama TV anyone? We think it's got a nice ring to it, and apparently so does Netflix, which has reportedly reached out to the former president and first lady to create at least one TV series, if not multiple projects. The move will give the Obamas a massive platform -- 118 million subscribers worldwide -- for which to address major pieces of Obama's presidency, with tentative plans for open forums hosted by the former president on climate change, health care, and more. We'll be discussing Netflix's latest move, and why the former president and first lady may just be the streaming service's biggest stars yet.

We'll have plenty more to discuss on today's show, as you might imagine, with a wide range of topics including the trailer for the second season of Luke Cage, a Sopranos prequel movie, news on (what feels like) the 19th Terminator movie, a badass Lost in Space trailer, Good Omens casting news, a Handmaid's Tale season 2 trailer (yeah, we got a lot of trailers), and much more.

So check us out today at 2 p.m. live, or download the podcast at the links below and take Between the Streams on the road.

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