Between the Stream podcast: Deadpool 2 keeps looking better, Monty Python comes to Netflix

How much time you got? Our podcast is slated for 30 minutes, but looking at our laundry list of topics for today's show makes that seem like a tough target to hit. Let's go through a quick overview for today's show, shall we?

The big news of the week, as far as we're concerned, is another pretty dang stellar Deadpool 2 trailer. Rumors have run rampant about reshoots to add more of the film's pseudo-villain, Cable (Josh Brolin), with some reports saying that test audiences have responded poorly to early viewings, but that hasn't checked out with what we've seen so far.

While there's a lot to like about the latest glimpse of Deadpool 2, one of the kernels of awesome we're sure many people have overlooked is the extended screen time for the young Kiwi Julian Dennison, who, as anyone who saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople can attest, is nothing short of a delight onscreen. A brilliant 2016 film from Thor:Ragnarok director Taika Waititi that stars Dennison alongside the great Sam Neil, Hunt for the Wilderpeople enthralls largely thanks to Dennison's hilarious antics.

Of course, there's a lot more than Deadpool 2 updates to talk about today, with news hitting from all over the entertainment world. We'll be discussing everything from the theater release of Pacific Rim Uprising to the spectacular news that just broke about Monty Python's new home in the red-and-black halls of Netflix. And that's just for starters.

Also today, we'll go over our Ready Player One review, Indiana Jones news, Seth Rogen's Netflix comedy special, Amy Poehler's star-studded directorial debut in Wine Country, and much more.

So check us out today at 2 p.m. live, or download the podcast at the links below and take Between the Streams on the road.

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