New AMD 'APU' chips get their game on, but will they replace GPU systems?

Until recently, video gaming has been a two-chip endeavor: You need a speedy CPU in your PC, and maybe an even speedier GPU, or graphics card, inside the case as well. Now AMD is out the change that. The latest CPU chips from AMD are now incorporating much of the same graphics performance that two-chip systems provide.

Of course, there’s now a new acronym for you to add to your geek vocabulary: “APU,” or, Advanced Processing Unit. DT’s head CPU (and APU) torturer, Jayce Wagner, recently dropped the latest AMD silicon into some slim-design gaming rigs and put in some marathon sessions, and all we can say is: How do we get THAT job? But seriously, the Ryzen 3 and 5 series chips delivered decent gaming performance… to a point. Both feature the new AMD VEGA graphics architecture built-in.

AMD says they’re really designed for “esports” type gaming with lower graphics demands, and for just $170 and $99  respectively, they do the trick. But if you want to load up Civilization or any other 4K title, you’ll still need a for-real graphics card at this point. But for how long? You know that as time goes on, these dual-type CPU/GPU processors will only get better. Check out our review:

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