Apple Music makes gains in the U.S., but a possible Spotify IPO looms

Our smartphones are also our music players these days, and it’s been game on between Spotify and Apple for some time now, but it looks like Apple Music is starting to cut into Spotify’s lead, at least in the U.S.  The Wall Street Journal says Apple Music/iTunes could surpass Spotify in terms of subscribing listeners in America by the end of this year, but that’s just the battle, not the war.

Spotify, which is headquartered in Sweden, is still the worldwide music streaming leader by a long shot, with 70 million subscribers worldwide to Apple’s 36 million. And Spotify really rules in aggregate users, with 140 million users a month, many of which listen for free with ads – kind of like when people listened to “the radio” way back when.

But The Journal says Apple Music is growing at nearly double the rate Spotify is, at least in the US, even though it does not have an ad-supported “free” option. Meanwhile, there may be changes ahead for Spotify as it may go public later this year. Story:

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