This Snake-Like Robot Is Used To Dismantle Nuclear Facilities

This robot doesn't hiss like a snake, but it does maneuver like one. LaserSnake2 is on its way to making the world a safer place. It withstands high-radioactive environments to help dismantle nuclear facilities. This involves taking apart and disposing of radioactive equipment. OC Robotics create snake-arm robots that are specifically designed for hazardous and confined spaces. What's so special about the snake's arm? The motors, electronics, and control systems stay outside so only the arm enters the hazardous environment. The core of the arm is hollow so it can allow cables, hoses, and lasers to enter through. LaserSnake2 could revolutionize nuclear decommissioning tasks that could reduce the typical costs drastically. LaserSnake2 was a $10 million collaborative project.

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(Source: Tech Insider,