This Is An 8,000-pound Exoskeleton Controlled By A Human

This 8,000-pound machine is built to race 

Meet Prosthesis. Prosthesis is an 8,000-pound exoskeleton completely controlled by a human.

Prosthesis stands at nearly 15 feet tall and 18 feet wide. It's the world's first racing "mech" built by Furrion.

"Mech" = robots or machines controlled by people. 

It's being built to race in what will be called the X1 Mech Racing League. CEO and co-founder Jonathan Tippett wanted to build the relationship between man and machine.

The prototype machine is capable of walking and stepping over obstacles. The next stage of development is to increase the walking speed.

Prosthesis may one day run at 20 mph. It is both an engineering and piloting challenge.

How is this giant powered?

It runs up to one hour on a single electric charge. It moves as one with the pilot's body movements.

Furrion believes the future belongs to electric power systems. 

Let the races begin!

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