This Expandable Trailer Doubles In Size To Become A Tiny Home

This trailer doubles as a tiny home. The Tvan Camper was created by the Australian company Track Trailer. Tvan is designed for outback adventures and the company lets the customers build their own based on their towing and camping preferences. The Tvan MK5 has a quick cover awning for outdoor living and it sets up in under two minutes. If you're hungry, the kitchen only takes a minute to set up. The kitchen includes a stainless steel slide-out stove, full sink, and hot water. The queen size foam mattress is protected by the hard roof and there is a screen that keeps the bugs out. Magnets lock in a tent that doubles the living space. The power systems include fans, smoke detectors, and heating. There's LED lighting and tinted sliding windows. There are also lockers located all throughout the camper. These fancy campers don't come cheap. The new MK5 Tvan models are between $53,000 and $76,000.

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