This DIY Levitator Uses Acoustic Waves To Hold Things In Mid-Air

Harry Potter isn't the only one who can do levitation spells. This guy figured out how to make a levitator at home! It can levitate liquids and solids and uses acoustic waves to hold things in mid-air. Normally levitators like this are in research labs. Ultrasound researcher Asier Marzo 3D-printed a base and lined both ends with 72 transducers. They were then connected to an Arduino board. When 6-10 volts are run through the transducers, it generates sound waves at a frequency of 40 kHz. Those sound waves can support objects in mid-air. Levitating the liquids require lower voltage. There are two limitations with this acoustic levitator. The first limitation is that the object cannot be larger than 4 mm in diameter. The second limitation is that the density is restricted, so the objects must be light. Marzo gives a full step-by-step tutorial on YouTube.

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