This Biological Steel Is Made From Spider Silk

These threads contain the unique ingredient of fermented bacteria. The design is inspired by spider silk, one of nature's strongest materials. AMSilk replicates spider silk at a molecular scale and it results in super-strong fibers and fabric. First, they ferment E.coli bacteria so they do not have to rely on spiders. So, this process is entirely vegan. The fermented E.coli produces a powder which is then put into a water solution. Then, it pushed through a spinneret which forms the base of the Biosteel fiber. It's stronger than steel, yet flexible like rubber. Biosteel fiber can be customized and used in several industries that include automotive, fashion, and interior design. AMSilk's products are even used in cosmetics in Europe and Korea. With this process, you get all of the benefits of spider silk without the spiders. You can bet spiders and arachnophobes are celebrating.

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