Apple iOS 11 update will allow storage of health records on your phone

Just one day after Apple released a beta version of iOS 11.3, people are downloading it and poking around to see what’s new. We talked briefly yesterday about the Business Chat feature in Messaging, and it looks like Apple is hoping to change the way we keep track of our medical records as well. The team at MacRumors says the new “Health Records” feature in the Health app will let users keep better track of their personal health data.

Additionally, there have been improvements to ARkit, with greater resolution up to full HD, recognition of surfaces with unusual shapes, and better autofocus performance. And if your zillion emails and their many attachments are sucking up all your iPhone’s memory, 11.3 also brings back iCloud Messages, which allows you to keep all that stuff in the iCloud instead.

That should free up some space for the four new animojis Apple has brought to the iPhone X, including a lion, bear, dragon and a talking skull, if you’re into that whole pirate or goth thing. And who isn’t? Sadly missing from the current 11.3 build are the promised battery health features; we’d bet they’re still filing off the rough edges on that part of the OS. Story:

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