Magic Leap previews an advanced AR headset kit - but it's just for developers

There’s big news from Magic Leap, one of the most secretive augmented reality companies out there. The company has rolled out an actual product, called the Magic Leap One, an AR headset and control system that could mark a significant step forward for augmented reality computing, gameplay and more. And while it’s probably not something most people would wear outside the house quite yet, it’s not totally ugly either.

The three-part system consists of a high-tech “Light Wear” headset with transparent lenses that can also be modified with a glasses prescription, a “Light Pack” computer module that goes on your belt and powers the headset, and small hand-held controller that the headset can “see” and allows the user to control the overall system. Magic Leap says the system will utilize 3D sound, voice control, gesture recognition, eye-tracking and head pose data.

The Magic Leap system will, of course, overlay your reality with a mix of places and creatures, but here’s the bad news: the system is only headed for AR developers, and so far, no price has been disclosed. Magic Leap says the kit will go out to those lucky developers sometime in 2018; they didn’t say exactly when in 2018 though. Looks pretty slick to us, we may just have to see exactly what it takes to become an “AR developer” so we can get our mitts on one. Story:

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