Latest Galaxy S9 leaks indicate a change of plans by Samsung

Rumors are swirling about the next major update to Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphone, which is expected to be called the Galaxy S9. But new information may indicate that rather than a complete redesign, the S9 is more likely going to be an update to the S8 and S8 Plus, sort of like what Apple does with it’s “s” models between major iPhone redesigns.

That latest bit of news comes from BGR, who say a well-connected leaker posted a photo of a design he says "didn’t pass the test". That phone featured a front display that ran nearly all the way down to the bottom of the handset, with a slightly larger top bezel covering the camera and a bunch of sensors. It looks a lot like the iPhone X, without the famous “notch” at the top. But apparently, it’s not to be, and the S9 will look a lot like the S8.

Earlier rumors suggested Samsung could unveil the S9 at CES, just a few weeks from now. We’ll keep you updated. Story:

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