Apple's Not Very Happy Holiday party: Lawsuits filed over iPhone slowdowns

We hope you had a relaxing holiday break but it hasn’t been such a great holiday for Apple. iPhone X sales are a bit softer than expected, and there’s been little letup in the backlash over news that Cupertino has been using a bit of code that slows down some older iPhones if the battery is starting to wear out. Apple recently copped to the accusation, but said they do it to keep the phones running rather than suddenly switching off like they had been.

While some people were fine with that explanation, others clearly aren’t as Reuters claims that at least eight lawsuits have been filed against the company now in relation to the slowdowns, and one is asking for the tidy sum of $999 billion in damages. And while that may be a bit on the comical side, Apple will have to defend itself in court just the same. So, did they do it to sell more new iPhones as the plaintiffs’ claim? We’ll know eventually. Cue the lawyers. Story:

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