Amazon punches, Google punches back over YouTube; consumers lose the fight

If you thought the long-running legal battles and competition between Apple and Samsung were the ultimate tech industry drama, better go grab some more popcorn: it’s now game on between Amazon and Google. The two tech behemoths are trading insults – and marketplace counterpunches - after a spat over YouTube, the devices that can access it, and where you can buy them.

Google, which owns and runs  YouTube, has pulled the premiere streaming site from Amazon’s Echo Show home hub, which has a video screen, and from their Fire TV streaming products, which sell by the millions. Why? Amazon recently nuked Google’s Chromecast and Google Home products from their online mall, and also stopped selling popular Nest smart home products – which are also owned by Google, but compete with Amazon’s smart home gear.

Google had initially pulled YouTube from Amazon devices back in September over a disagreement over how YouTube should work on the devices – prompting Amazon to build in a workaround they said was perfectly legal. That, of course, took the fight to the next level. Both camps say they’re looking for a solution to the dust-up. Meanwhile, the people primarily affected by this dispute… are us, the consumers. BBC's take:

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