NASA: Cigar-shaped ET asteroid buzzed by at over 85,000mph

Earth just had a sort-of close encounter with an extra-terrestrial – and extra-solar – visitor, and no we don’t mean the kind that likes candy.

No, we’re talking about asteroid C-2017-U1, which has been given the name Oumuamua, which is Hawaii'an for “messenger from afar arriving fast,” which while had to say, is fitting, since NASA scientists think it’s first object humans have detected that looks like it came from outside our solar system. In other words, it ain’t from around here and we don’t know where it came from.

It also cruised by the inner solar system at over 85,000 miles an hour, or about 24 miles per second. According to extensive radar scans and other data, the asteroid is likely solid and about 400 meters or 1,200 feet long by about 120 feet wide – making it roughly the shape of cigar, or an interstellar battle cruiser, depending on your level of conspiracy theorying. NASA said it basically looks nothing like any asteroid they’ve ever observed in our solar system so far.

But, Oumuamua isn’t hanging around to give us a closer look, it’s headed out of our solar system right quick. Find out more about our interstellar visitor. Video:

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